Supernatural Recovery!

In 2005, I resigned from the organization where I worked. Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) owed me five million naira but later paid me half of it. However, in ten years, I saw the CEO only twice.

During the 21-day prayer and fasting in 2015, I did not pray about it but focused on Kingdom centred prayers. Then, the Holy Spirit told me to go and see my former boss. When I got to his office, I told him that I needed a reference letter and reminded him of his debt. He replied that when he is financially buoyant, he would pay me. Thereafter, I left. When I later called him, he said that I was disturbing him, so I stopped calling him.

After the Liberation Anniversary Impartation Service on Saturday, May 2, 2015, someone called me that my former boss said I should send him a text message. So, I did and included that a labourer is worthy of his wages.

In the evening, I attended the Winners’ Satellite Fellowship (WSF) and thereafter, went on visitation of some members. While in the house of one of the members, I discovered that my former boss had sent four different messages to me. In the fourth message, he wrote that he had a forerunner jeep that he wanted to sell and a 10KVA generator. He further noted that he would give me the items in replacement of the debt he owed. I agreed.

When I got to his office on Tuesday, May 5, 2015, the papers were ready in my name. I give all the glory to the God of this Commission!”

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