Supernatural Employment!

In May 2015, a friend invited me from Port Harcourt to Lagos for a job opportunity which I did not get eventually. As a result, things became very difficult for me.

Later, a sister advised me to relocate from Lagos to Ota and I did. Thereafter, someone directed me to a company in Ota saying that she just resigned from there. She also told me that when I got there, I should tell whoever I met that she told me to come. However, when I got there, I was faced with yet another disappointment.

When I left that company, I saw some members of this Church distributing fliers during the morning gospel raid. I greeted them and passed by. However, the Holy Spirit instructed me to go back, collect some fliers and join them. I obeyed!

As I was distributing the fliers, I saw a company and the Holy Spirit instructed me to go there. I obeyed. When I entered, I asked if there was vacancy. The receptionist asked for the name of the person, who directed me there and I said, ‘Nobody.’ I was told to sit down. Amazingly, a while later, I was interviewed and told to resume work the following day! I give God all the glory!”

—Maryann Ogbonna

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