Supernatural Childbirth & Healing!

“We got married in November 8, 2014, and from January 2015, we declared the 2015 Winners’ Personalized Prophetic Declarations once daily and twice on Sundays. We placed emphasis on numbers 16 and 17, and declared that since marital spell has been broken, that of barrenness was next. We also decreed number 18, saying that we shall remain gloriously married forever to the shame of the devil. Furthermore, we prophesied number 19 saying we are already joyful father and mother of children. To the glory of God, my wife conceived and delivered our beautiful daughter, Victory Angel.

Thereafter, all hell broke loose as the devil afflicted my wife with a strange illness.

During that ordeal, God healed several people through me but my wife’s illness lingered. However, I believed that I was in God’s plan. I also told myself that Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo went through her ordeal for eight months and God healed her. My wife’s affliction is just a month and two weeks. Therefore, God will do same for her. This became a source of strength whenever my wife complained about the illness.

During one of the Covenant Hour Prayer Services in August, we met the Bishop who laid hands on my wife and declared that she is made whole. Instantly, her recovery began.

On October 1, 2015, my wife woke up and wished me a happy birthday. This was one of the things she could not do before. Thereafter, we came to church and dedicated our baby three months after delivery because that ordeal prevented us from doing so. We give God all the glory!” —Mr. & Mrs. Anderson Emmy

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