Strange Pains in the Leg Destroyed!

“I am a member of the Sanctuary Keepers’ Unit in the church. For two years, I experienced severe pains and discomfort in my leg.

On August 8, 2015, while going home after my usual sanctuary chores, God showed me the gutter by the Canaanland filling station and instructed me to clean it, but I ignored that instruction and went home because I was very tired.

The following week, after the sanctuary cleaning exercise, God reminded me about the gutter on my way home. So, I beckoned on some of my colleagues to help with the cleaning but they were tired and promised to assist me the following Saturday. Since I could not do it alone, I postponed the cleaning.

On my way home on Saturday, August 22, God showed me that gutter again the third time. When I called my colleagues and they told me that they were tired, I decided to clean it, despite being tired also.

To the glory of God, when I got home that day, I discovered that the pains in my leg had miraculously disappeared! I give God all the glory!”—Helen Okon

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