Miraculous Escape from Kidnappers!

“On October 26, 2015, I was assigned to one of the breweries in Imo state. On my way there, I was kidnapped. When the kidnappers picked me, I told them that I was a son of Bishop David Oyedepo and must not be ill-treated. So, they put me in the car and drove to a desert. When we got there, they put me in the boot of the car and drove to a thick forest.

Two days after, the driver gave me his gun and escaped. Since I didn’t know how to use a gun, I dropped it and fled to a nearby village. However, when the kidnappers came in search, the villagers handed me over to them. At that point, I knew that only God could save me. Then, I told the kidnappers that what they were doing was wrong and urged then to release me, but my plea fell on deaf ears. So, I began to pray and praise God. I also reminded Him of my commitment during the Wonder-Double prophetic agenda, with the understanding that He is the ‘rewarder’ of those who diligently seek Him.

Thereafter, I remembered that I had a bottle of the anointing oil in my bag. So, I asked them for the bottle and took a shot every day. To my amazement, though I was not given food for seven days, God supernaturally nourished me.

Also, during that ordeal, I began to minister Christ to the people who watched over me and two of them gave their lives to Christ. To the glory of God, on the seventh day, I was miraculously released. I give God all the glory!” —Richard Omole

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