Miracle Baby via Soul-winning!

Miracle Baby via Soul-winning!

“My husband and I got married on February 21, 2009, and like every married couple, we planned to start a family immediately, but nothing happened.

During the Midst Of The Year season in 2014, I heard Bishop Oyedepo say, ‘This Midst Of The Year, if you miss your miracle, you will have to wait for another year.’ Immediately, I knelt down and asked God to establish my fruitfulness according to the words of His Servant. Thereafter, I went out every Saturday with a target of five souls. Whenever the time allocated for outreach was over and I had not gotten five souls, I would not return to the Zonal Centre.

During that period, I became pregnant without knowing. When the pregnancy was six months and six days, I felt an excruciating headache. So, I went to the hospital. There, I was told to go for a pregnancy test and the result was positive. Initially, I argued with the doctor stating that I was not pregnant. However, he said that the result was from my blood test, which is the most reliable means to ascertain pregnancy.

However, the scan that revealed my miracle baby also showed two fibroids. When the doctors told me, I told them not to bother because God, Who planted the baby, will deal with the fibroid. Amazingly, four weeks after, I went for another scan and was told that the baby had pushed away the fibroid and he was growing normally. To the glory of God, on March 1, 2015, I delivered my baby.  I give all the glory to God, Who is too faithful to fail. Truly, He is the Maker of babies!”

—Mrs. Omoshalewa Coker

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