Miracle Baby via Kingdom Service!

“At the flag off of project 1015 two years ago, my wife and I engaged passionately in praying to see souls saved and evangelism, every weekend. Miraculously, my wife became pregnant in the process.

However, six months into the pregnancy, she complained of stomach ache and was later taken to the hospital half dead. On getting there, the God of this Commission restored her back to life.

Later, the doctors diagnosed her with ectopic pregnancy and advised that her fallopian tube be removed. They also told us that after the surgery, she would a 50/50 percent chance of becoming pregnant again. At that point, I turned to God and reminded Him of our Kingdom services. I also remembered Bishop Oyedepo said that God has spare parts and He can replace the irreplaceable and the irreparable. So, I turned my case to God and knew that it was settled.

Thereafter, my wife and I attended the Miracle Restoration Service. During that service, the Bishop re-echoed the testimonies of brethren whom God settled with the fruit of the womb. He said, ‘Your heavenly Father is a baby Maker, you can never be a baby beggar.’ I caught that prophetic word and got angry with the devil. All through that week, I prayed in the Holy Ghost extensively and miraculously, my wife conceived.

Few weeks after the Restoration Service, the devil waged war but I was fully armed with the mantle from Shiloh 2014. I tied it around her waist daily till the week she delivered.

On the day of delivery, her cervix was not opening. So, I called on the God of Shiloh and He answered. I also engaged the mystery of the mantle and just as it worked in the hands of Elisha, her cervix suddenly opened to the amazement of the American expert and gynaecologist. They said that the opening was dramatic because within two hours, it expanded from 0cm to 5cm.

That was how Tehila, Oluwaseteminire Oloyede was delivered to us on July 8, 2015 at 9:03p.m., Texas time. To God alone be all the glory!”

-Mr. & Mrs. Oloyede Olutayo

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