Healed of Stroke, Diabetes & Partial Blindness!

“On December 29, 2014 I travelled to my village. Immediately I entered my father’s compound, my legs became swollen and water gushed out with an offensive odour.

As my family members sought for solution, my stomach also became swollen. My health condition became worse and within five days, I could neither see nor raise my right hand or leg. I was given all manner of herbal drugs to no avail.

Then, someone advised us to leave the village because the person responsible for the affliction was in our midst. Since I could not take a bus, my wife carried me in a wheel chair to the airport. On getting to Lagos, we visited diverse hospitals and herbal homes where we spent a lot of money for solution but there was no improvement.

Fortunately, one Saturday morning, some brothers from this Church came to my house and said that God sent them to me through Bishop David Oyedepo. They told me that I would be delivered as I partake of the Flesh and Blood of Christ (the Communion). So, they blessed it and partook of same. Since then, I took the Communion as my daily medication.

However, one of my relations came to me and said that I was only wasting my time. He further said, ‘Go and do what I did; go to the village and offer sacrifice to agbara’ (a deity in my village).” I refused! Rather, I went on my knees and told God that since Christ shed His precious Blood on the Cross for my redemption, I cannot and will never offer any sacrifice to any god.

I keyed in to the Word of God from Matthew 6:33 and believed the Bishop when he said that if we seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness first, He would add every other thing to us. I started going for the Evening Gospel Raid because I could walk gradually with the support of someone. To my amazement, I won two souls into God’s Kingdom. Meanwhile, before then, I had never preached the Word of God before.

Also, during the Operation Rescue agenda, I preached to those who came to visit me. Thereafter, God healed me.

One day, I went for service at the Zonal centre and during the prayer session, I started sweating. I felt as if there was fire inside me, became dizzy and started vomiting. I was rushed to the toilet where I started stooling and vomiting at the same time. After a while, it stopped.

On getting home, I still felt something moving inside me. So, my wife and I prayed, and I took a shot of the Communion. Thereafter, I felt like stooling and ran into the toilet. Lo and behold, I excreted a mango seed.

Miraculously, the next morning, I became very strong and could walk. I give all the glory to the God of Bishop David Oyedepo!” —David Mba

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