Healed of Cancer via Soul-Winning!

Healed of Cancer via Soul-Winning!

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2015. Thereafter, I travelled out of the country for treatment. After the full course of the treatment in January, the doctors saw lesions in my lungs and breasts, which had gotten bigger when compared with the previous scan. This confused all the medical persons involved and I was told to start another round of chemotherapy. I refused and told them that if the first one did not work, then there is no chance that the second round would work. Meanwhile, about 8 million naira had already been spent treating me. So, I knew that this was now between God and I.

I bought and read the books, Rescued From Destruction by Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo, The Healing Balm by Bishop Oyedepo, Exceedingly Growing Faith, Healing Scriptures, The Believers Authority, 7 Things You Should Know About Divine Healing all authored by Kenneth Hagin and Healed Of Cancer by Dodie Osteen,  and God showed me things I didn’t know before.

I also engaged in Kingdom advancement prayers and prayed all the 60 prayer points daily. Furthermore, I partook of the communion morning and night, and engaged the mystery of the anointing oil as well.

During the Communion Service on March 10, 2016, the Bishop instructed us to bring at least one person to church for the Covenant Day of Healing the following Sunday. The deaconess in my WSF centre encouraged me to engage fully and even went as far as getting fuel for my car, while the pastor provided me with a driver. I went for outreach, sharing tracts and telling people to come and meet God Who healed me of cancer. Meanwhile, my breast was burning with pain and I had reduced in weight from 85kg to 59kg; yet, I did not give up. I told myself that this is the last straw needed to break the camel’s back. I hadn’t been to Canaanland this year but I came to church with two people for that service, with my faith fully charged.

On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, I went for series of scans and blood tests. To the glory of God, all the things which were seen in the previous scan of February 6, 2016 were no more there. Now, I’m totally healed. Indeed, God’s Word never fails!” —Ezioma Mbagwu 

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