Divine Healing & Intervention!

“Before I came to this Church, I experienced tears, sorrow, disappointment and frustration. Amongst others, I was afflicted with a strange sickness that made me take drugs daily. According to the doctor, if I don’t take the drugs daily, I won’t be able to sleep. However, though I took the drugs as instructed, I experienced sleeplessness.

When I came to this Church, I bought and read the book, Keys to Divine Health, authored by Bishop Oyedepo. Lo and behold, the sickness stopped and I no longer take drugs.

Then, in June, I was given a quit notice and didn’t know what to do. When I showed my Winners’ Satellite Fellowship (WSF) minister the notice, he said, ‘Do you know that man is the builder of houses but God is the builder of everything’ (Hebrews 3:4). He told me that nobody can threaten me; rather, I will leave there on my own. I said, ‘Thank God.’

At the end of that quit notice when we were supposed to appear in court, the woman sent someone to collect the money from me. However, I refused to pay. Later, she sent another person, I paid the money and the quit notice was cancelled. Today, I am alive. I give God all the glory!” —Raymond Sambo

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