Delivered From 14-Year Demonic Cough & Growths!

Delivered From 14-Year Demonic Cough & Growths!

“When I was in secondary school, I suffered from an unusual cough. It embarrassed me both in public and private places, and made breathing difficult especially while eating. Also, swallowing became a very huge task and I lost weight drastically. As a result, people who knew me said I was probably suffering from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or perhaps asthma. I felt destabilized at a time and went for several tests which showed that I wasn’t suffering from any of those diseases.

When I joined this Commission eight months ago, I started growing spiritually. In addition, my level of faith increased due to the impact of the Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI), July 2015 special, which I was privileged to attend.

During Shiloh 2015, Bishop Oyedepo said, ‘Whatever you don’t despise, you can’t dominate.’ I became very angry in my spirit at the challenges and wrote on my prayer card that God should make me whole.

Two weeks ago, before the workers and Winners’ Satellite Fellowship (WSF) Operators meeting, the Bishop admonished us to stop practicing sickness. He further said that no worker or anybody in this Commission is expected to be ill. I caught it and ‘ran’ with the word from the prophet.

Lo and behold, the demonic cough ceased supernaturally and the growth on my private part disappeared. I give all the glory to the faithful and righteous God of this Commission for healing me!” —Ugbonmnan Courage




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