Business Turnaround via Wonder-Double Engagement!

Business Turnaround via Wonder-Double Engagement!

“I joined this Commission in 1999 and since then, my once tattered life has become a great catalogue of breakthrough and testimonies.

In 2013, I started a school in my house but it was not growing as expected. During Shiloh 2013, the Holy Spirit prompted me to give a car as my Shiloh sacrifice. So, I packed my jewelleries and all that I had on my dressing table, and told the Holy Spirit that this does not feel like sacrifice to me but I do not have the time to wear them anymore.

When I got to the entrance of the house with my children, the Holy Spirit asked me: ‘Does this look like a sacrifice to you?’ Immediately, I turned and went to the kitchen and started dancing.  My children also joined me in the dance. When they asked me what had happened, I told them that the Holy Spirit just told me to give one of the things that the Bishop gave.

In May, God provided a facility which was on lease and close to the road, to establish the school. Also, during the Wonder-Double prophetic agenda, I went out for soul-winning and for the seven weeks of the ingathering, we could not attend to our laundry. In October, when the Bishop said that all new converts must be baptized, I brought some of them in my car to Canaanland for baptism.

Thereafter, God gave us a building valued at 60 million naira, for free. Before now, I only hear about such testimonies and believed them. Now, I have left the realm of believing to experiencing it. I give God all the glory!” —Loveth Emmanuel

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