Business Breakthrough via Kingdom Stewardship!

Business Breakthrough via Kingdom Stewardship!

“Before the Wonder-Double agenda started in 2016, the Bishop instructed us to tell people about Jesus. I asked God how I could start the conversation with anyone on the street. He ministered to me to ask them, ‘What do you want God to do for you? That is, what is your prayer request(s)?’ Amazingly, people stopped and responded. Thereafter, I told them about Jesus and majorly shared my testimonies with them.

Before the Operation By All Means agenda commenced, two people had started coming to Church. During the Gospel Raids, my children and I would go to their bus stops to pick them because the Bishop also said that if we have to back them to church, we should do so. Most of the people I shared the gospel with responded during the operation, as I call and see them every time.

Meanwhile, since August 2015, I’ve been praying to God to give me a business idea. On March 4, 2016, I told a friend that I wanted to start a business and was not sure of what to do. I mentioned some cooking utensils I would love to rent out but don’t know how to start. Immediately, she said she was interested.

On March 12, after ministering to a sister I met at a clinic, my friend called me to bring teacups for rent. By Sunday afternoon the next day, I supplied them. That opened my business. I got my first cash which was more than what I expected and gave all to God as my tithe & first fruit offering. Two days later, I received more orders, including catering services. Presently, I’m trying to catch up with the demands. Furthermore, before any need arises, God always bring in the supplies for me.

Indeed, God only wants to bless us and not use us. To Him be all the glory!”

Ajayi Bimbo

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