8-Year Career Stagnations Ends via Kingdom Service!

“I started my Ph.D programme in 2006 and encountered diverse setbacks. There was a time I fasted for 91 days, reading Psalms 91, as I believed God for His intervention. Also, Bishop Oyedepo’s words encouraged and assisted me. He usually says that the instruction you ignore is the source of your frustration. So, every instruction given by the Bishop was not ignored. He also says that Canaanland is not an ordinary ground. So, whenever I come around, I do place a copy of my thesis on the ground from the proposal level.

The Bishop also emphasized Matthew 6:33, which I don’t toy with. As such, whenever I went for my programme, I would preach in the bus and share tracts at the garage.

On January 22, 2015, which was during the 21-day Prayer and Fasting, I was called for my oral defence. Thereafter, I was successful and conferred with a doctorate degree during my convocation on October 10, 2015. To the glory of God, I am the first Ph.D holder in my family. I give all the glory to God, Who changed my level!” —Olufunke Ajibare

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