8-Month-Old Baby Healed Supernaturally!

8-Month-Old Baby Healed Supernaturally!

“In the first week of February 2016, the devil attacked our 8 months old baby and she was admitted in the hospital. After a week, I asked God: ‘What is the way out.’ Suddenly, I remembered the Bishop saying: ‘There are some rhino size challenges that would require a team of lions to bring them down.’ So, I quickly informed my leaders in the Winners’ Satellite fellowship (WSF), Ushering Unit where I serve, and my Zonal Pastors.

Immediately, the Ushering prayer team was informed and prayers were ongoing. Later, a pastor sent a text stating that I should get two souls for God as ransom for the life of my baby. I told him that I was already on the field getting them. As I obeyed, God went into action. Meanwhile, she was placed on oxygen.

Thereafter, God did two miracles. One Saturday night at 11.00p.m., the oxygen being supplied to our baby got finished, and there was nothing the hospital could do. However, I believed that God would intervene. So, I asked God again: ‘What is the way out?’ He said, ‘The Passover Lamb.’ I quickly prepared the blood and sprinkled it around her and on her bed. By 12.30a.m., I went home and by 5.00a.m., I was in Church for service.

A member of the Ushering unit, who is a nurse in that hospital went to check on our baby and was told that all the children on oxygen had died except our baby, Grace. She was exempted.

Another miracle God did occurred the following weekend when our baby was scheduled for an operation to remove some things from her chest. That day, the surgeon was informed and the operation was scheduled for Friday. However, when the surgeon came that Friday, he could not locate our baby in the ward and in the hospital.

On Saturday, the doctor asked about the operation and was later told that the surgeon left because the child was nowhere to be found. On Monday, the doctor checked our child and said, ‘Well, thank God that the operation was not conducted because the child has been healed miraculously.’ We give all the glory to the God of Bishop David Oyedepo, our prophet!” —Mr. & Mrs. Paul

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