5-Year Barrenness Terminated!

“For five years, my wife and I believed God for the fruit of the womb to no avail. In the process, she suffered four miscarriages.

During one of the services in 2014, Bishop Oyedepo declared that everyone who believed God for the fruit of the womb should receive their miracle baby. Immediately, I claimed it. Since, my wife was not around for that service, I called and told her the prophetic word that was declared. She also received it in faith and we prayed in faith.

Shortly after, my wife missed her period. However, when we went for a test, the doctor said that she didn’t see anything after two months. I told my wife that as long as the Bishop has declared the prophetic word, I have received my baby boy. Six months later, we went for another test and we were told that they saw something developing like pregnancy. Then I told my wife that before the delivery day, God will provide a vehicle for us because I don’t want to hire a taxi to the hospital.

Lo and behold, eleven days before the delivery of the baby, God blessed us with a 2010 Model Camry car. God also provided a better job for me. Now, I am more comfortable and managing my own business. I give God all the glory!” —Mr. & Mrs. Ben Akwara

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