4-Year Barrenness Destroyed via Prophetic Declaration!

4-Year Barrenness Destroyed via Prophetic Declaration!

“For four years, I believed God for the fruit of the womb to no avail. Precisely two months after my wedding, my menstrual flow ceased for two years. I went from one hospital to another for solution but all efforts proved abortive. However, through the mystery of the Communion, my menstrual flow was restored.

During the 2015 Easter Sunday service, Bishop Oyedepo prophesied that every dead womb should receive the breath of the resurrection power. Five minutes after that declaration, I felt a sharp pain on my waist. Thereafter, the Bishop said we should dance for our victory and I obeyed. While dancing, the Holy Spirit said I should take off my shoes and walk from the Faith entrance of the Faith Tabernacle to the car park. I obeyed saying that as long as the Bishop has children, I must have mine.

The following day, when I woke up, I felt that sharp pain again on my lower abdomen. Thereafter, I heard the Holy Spirit say that I should start taking routine drugs. I obeyed again. Miraculously, that month of April, I missed my period and became pregnant. Meanwhile, my gynaecologist had said that I would not be able to give birth because I was neither menstruating nor ovulating. When I told him that I missed my period, he said, ‘It is a lie.’ He conducted a confirmation test and told me to go for a scan. When I did, both tests confirmed that I was pregnant. On December 12, 2015, which was the last day of Shiloh, I delivered my baby. I give God all the glory!” —Mrs. Agbonifo Elizabeth

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