15-Year Impotence Ends via Word Encounter!

“I joined this Commission in 2012 by divine direction. When I was in Ghana, I saw a CD in the dustbin. When I picked it up, I discovered that it contained some messages of Bishop Oyedepo. I took the CD home to watch, and it impacted my life. Thus, I decided to locate this church in Nigeria, even though I didn’t know where it was.

Prior to that time, the doctor told me 15 years ago that I was impotent. As a result, I would never father a child. However, when I came to this church, I told God to make me a father even though I was not yet married. I enrolled in the Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) and took the Communion daily. Also, through the Word of God, my faith was built up.

Subsequently, I went to Ghana to see my mother and she insisted that I get married. I rejected her advice and reminded her of the doctor’s report. Thereafter, she connected me to a lady and we got married. To the glory of God my wife is eight months pregnant. I give God all the glory!” —Richmond Osei

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