Prophetic declaration for this week


Every siege of untimely death, every appointment with death is declared disappointed!
Whatever is killing you is rooted out of your life in the name of Jesus!
That sentence of death against you is reverted now in the name of Jesus!
From today nothing shall be able to take your life from you!
The mark of longevity is upon you and your family in the name of Jesus!
No one in your family is permitted to die; you shall not bury your children in the name of Jesus!
It doesn’t matter what your doctor says, it’s not your time yet -you shall live and not die!
Whatever is blinding your physical eyes, right now they are removed in the name of Jesus!
There is a Rod that swallows other rods; the same Rod swallows every poison in you in the name of Jesus!
Divine energy is released upon your life and you shall be a surprise to yourself in the name of Jesus!
No disease or affliction will disfigure you again!
Today is your day of rescue!
Take your healing and walk into your liberty today in the name of Jesus!
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