Prophetic declaration for this week


Every affliction of the enemy in your life, every torment against your physical being ceases right now in the mighty name of Jesus!
I pray that the grace of God be released upon your life for you to serve God relentlessly, steadfastly and wholeheartedly in the name of Jesus!
Today, your miracle children are released in the name of Jesus!
Your marital destiny is released right now in the name of Jesus!
No more breakdowns in your health again in the name of Jesus!
Watch out, what others struggle for will simply be added to your life!
For everyone on the line for miracle job, before this week is over, your miracle job is settled!
Everyone with career concerns, I decree them turned to testimonies this week in the name of Jesus!
I decree every aspect of your life covered in His favour!
No matter how high you rise, your children will rise higher than you in the name of Jesus!
Every mark of the wicked that is responsible for your struggles over the years, they are removed today in the name of Jesus!
My God will silence every blood thirsty individual that is out to cause war in Nigeria in the name of Jesus!
This is the beginning of your season of favour.

I am going to live to see you scale higher heights in Jesus’ name, I shall see you rise!

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