Prophetic declaration for this week


Every unsettled area of your life is declared rebuilt by the power of God in the name of Jesus!
Any force working behind the scene against your breakthroughs will be exposed and judged in the name of Jesus!
From today, no more setbacks in your strength and in your results in the name of Jesus!
By the anointing, every force of unsettlement working against your life is cursed right now in the name of Jesus!
Any tied down area of your life is released today in the name of Jesus!
Receive a renewed grace for obedience in the name of Jesus!
No one reading this shall become a concern to their family!
Concerns from any of your children are declared over in Jesus’ Name!
Today is your day of settlement!
As your days, so shall your strength be!
The war against your settled destiny is over!

Know This: You are not wasting your time serving God and running after the things of God; those mocking your foundation will see and envy your completion.
#YourCaseisDifferent #MCID

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