Prophetic declaration for this week


To receive the answer to your prayers, you must keep acting on your expectation; don’t let your action contradict your prayers.
Don’t stop being joyful because where your joy stops, is where your harvest of testimony stops.

Testimonies will become the order of the day in your life from henceforth in the name of Jesus!
Your dominion over witches and wizards is finally established!
Every tension in your home is over in the name of Jesus!
From now onward, no one will ask you again ‘where is your God?’
Everything that this liberation mandate carries is freely released into your life in the name of Jesus!
Whatever you are believing God for is delivered to you for a testimony!
Whatever cannot resist God would not be able to resist you in the name of Jesus!
Every evil spirit tormenting your life will come out now in the name of Jesus!
The battles of your life are finally over in the name of Jesus!
From today, you will never be identified as a beggar!
A new day dawns for Nigeria in the name of Jesus!


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