Prophetic declaration for this week

By redemption, your destiny is glorious; you are not ordained to be a nonentity but a person of global relevance.
Serving God murmuring and grumbling is not profitable.

From today, I decree that your labour will not be wasted anymore!
Your story is changing and your glory is coming in the name of Jesus!
I pray for you that no force will keep you where you are now in the name of Jesus!
Don’t mind the mockers; mind the Maker and your Maker is decorating you this season!
This month is declared your month of new beginning in Jesus’ name!
May you connect with God to the point of your enthronement level!
Your crawling businesses gain divine speed this month!
You belong to the family of the prosperous, no one in your generation will beg for bread!
Whatever can’t stop God can’t stop you anymore!
No more sickness or disease, no more distraction in Jesus’ name!
Go in peace, it’s your month of change of levels!

Be passionate to see the lost saved like Jesus. Give all you can give to see the lost saved like Jesus. Jesus gave till He gave His life.

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