Prophetic declaration for this week

I have good news for you, everyone mocking you will watch God make you!
As you make the choice to serve God, I see Him decorating your life!
The things that human labour cannot offer will be your reality by
God is turning you to a news-maker this year!
Good things will never cease in your life!
I see the blessings of God come upon you in unusual dimension!
None of your businesses will be aborted in the name of Jesus!
Untimely death is over in your lineage!
No one reading this will bury their children in the mighty name of Jesus!
Like a dream of the night, you will be a point of reference in your field of endeavours!
Nobody in your lineage will experience lack and want!
Your New Dawn package will not be lost to carelessness in Jesus’ name!
You will never know the meaning of sickness in your life again!
The giant in you will rise!
This is declared your Isaac order of year!
Your lack is turned to plenty this year!
It shall be a year of positive surprises for you in Jesus’ name!

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