Prophetic declaration for this week

As the Lord liveth, throughout the year 2018, by the reason of this prayer and fasting; everything about your life shall be emitting new dawn features!
Your access to your high places will remain unimpeded in Jesus’ name!
Every of your step in 2018 shall be step of favour!
Today, I see you enjoying a leap in Jesus’ name!
Nothing fails in your hand again!
Whatsoever the enemy has taken from you, there shall be a forceful return today!
That torment in your life stops today in Jesus’ name!
No devil steps in your way again!
We didn’t cry to get married and have children, you will not cry in your marital life again!
We have never been distressed; every distress around your life, career, and children is over today in Jesus’ name!
Every troubler of this nation comes under tribulation in Jesus’ name!
Your command over things is enhanced!
May you not sell off your birthright in Jesus’ name!
Welcome to your New Dawn era!
The good news is you have secured 2018!
#ItsMyDawnEra #21DaysPrayerandFasting
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