Unending Rewards from Kingdom Service!

Unending Rewards from Kingdom Service!

“When the Wonder-Double Prophetic Agenda was announced in 2015, I was almost discouraged, but I made a choice both to pray and engage in soul-winning. Despite my busy schedule, I prayed for grace continually and God made way for me.

During the first outreach and after one week of prayers, I met someone who was a Catholic and was willing to follow me to church. Immediately, she started attending every service including Covenant Hour of Prayer. I was so excited and continued steadfastly.

By the end of the first phase, I heard people sharing all kinds of wonderful testimonies, sometimes ending with, ‘Let this Wonder-Double season continue.’ Then, the Bishop declared the second phase. At that point, I told God that I must have something to show for my engagement in the first phase before the commencement of the second phase; because I was sure I gave my all and God did it!

In the last week of August, which was declared as our month of rewards for the first phase, God rewarded me. He connected me to a wonderful man through the most unusual platform and settled my marital destiny, which had been a challenge for years. Indeed, I was like them that dreamed! It was clear to me and those around me that he is my reward.

During the second phase of the Wonder-Double Agenda, I intensified my effort as I prayed extensively for the Kingdom and others.

In 2016, I engaged wholeheartedly and God dazed me. In fact, I am still in shock. First, I got a letter of redeployment to another unit in my organization, which is more favourable and affords me more time. Secondly, I was given a brand new car. Furthermore, last week, I got my reward letter and I was promoted. I am in awe of the God of Matthew 6:33 and it works like fire. I am like them that dreamed! I give God all the glory!” Oladayo Arewa

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