2019 ‘I HAVE DOMINION’ Faith Tabernacle Announcement Sunday, 12th of May 2019

  1. Praise the Lord! Be reminded that the prophetic focus for the month is, DIVINE GUIDANCE: GATEWAY TO A WORLD OF EXPLOITS – shall we declare this together?

  2. Praise the Lord! Be reminded that we are still in our post-resurrection encounter season. According to Act. 1:3, Jesus manifested Himself with many infallible proofs for forty days after His resurrection, He is doing the same today. Every Winner should be highly expectant as every encounter is sure to open a new chapter to everyone’s life. This prophetic platform continues up until Friday, May 31st, 2019 None of us shall miss his/her own encounter this time in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  3. Praise the Lord! The next WOFBI Training Session for the year comes up from Monday, 20th – 31st of May 2019. It is a two-week intensive course and shall hold in our WOFBI Training Centers in Lagos and Ota. This is opened to all members, including all our new converts for accelerated spiritual growth and development that will lead to a dramatic change of story for all participants. Note that we are running only BCC and LCC in all the centers.

  4. Praise the Lord! As we all know, helping others is a covenant key to accessing help from God. Furthermore, helping others to find rest is pathway to enjoying and securing our own rest. Jesus said, ‘come unto me and I will give you rest…’, yet some cannot make it on their own, and this is no trekkable distance for many! Therefore, all members should take advantage of helping others, by bringing them or paying their way to church. As we seize this opportunity, we secure favour with God that covers all areas of life! For those who are already engaging with this, your open rewards will continue to speak. Remember, God is not looking for who to use, but who to bless.

  5. Praise the Lord! Special Healing Service now holds every Sunday after each service. In the last edition, someone whose ear was blocked (deaf) for 3 Years, had it supernaturally opened, and another was totally healed of insanity of over 15 Years. Venue: Youth Chapel.

  6. Covenant Hour of Prayer continues tomorrow, Monday to Saturday in about 500 locations across Lagos and Ota. Time: 5.30-6.30am

  7. Believers’ Foundation Class holds every Monday for all new converts in 710 locations cut across Lagos and Ota. All our new converts and new members are admonished to take advantage of this very important platform for spiritual empowerment that will result in victorious living. Please note that you are to attend for two Mondays only. Time: 6.00-7.30pm.

  8. Midweek Communion Service holds this Wednesday both here in Canaanland and at all Zonal Fellowship Centers in Lagos, Ota and environ. Remember, we shall be waiting on the Lord in a fast and break with the Communion. Time: 6pm.

  9. Winners’ Satellite Fellowship, our house-to-house fellowship, holds every Saturday in over 20,000 locations across Lagos, Ota and environs. We are all expected to be part of this both as a platform for spiritual development and an avenue for being one another’s keeper. Remember, the church is a family and not an industry. Time: 5:00-6:00pm.

  10. Recommended books of the month authored by Bishop David O. Oyedepo include: * Understanding Vision * Understanding Divine Direction * In Pursuit of Vision * The Breakthrough Power of Vision

  11. Praise the Lord! Next Sunday at Faith Tabernacle! Next Sunday, May 19, 2019 shall be our monthly Special Anointing Service. It shall also double as our Turnaround Banquet. Come expecting divine visitation via the Word, and the communion table. Service schedule is as usual.

Jesus is Lord!

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