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The Secret of Honour in Marriage! (2)



The Secret of Honour in Marriage! (2)

Dear Reader,

You are welcome back to this exciting edition. Last week, I told you that marriage is a covenant relationship between God and man (man and wife). Man, adhering to the terms and conditions laid down by God, is what guarantees an honourable marriage.

This week, I will be sharing with you one main secret that makes for honour in marriage, and it is what I captioned: “Keeping the marriage bed undefiled”. Let’s start by knowing the meaning of the word ‘defile’. To defile means to make dirty or unclean. I am glad to let you know that, marriage can be one of the sweetest experiences on earth, especially when it is handled God’s way.

God’s Word says: Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled (Hebrews 13:4). Marriage is an honourable thing, when the bed is undefiled. However, once the bed is defiled, that marriage has lost its honour.

Also, what you do with the bed during courtship amounts to laying a foundation for what your marriage will be like when you eventually get into it. The law of sowing and reaping still holds here. The Bible says: Whilst the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest shall not cease (Genesis 8:22). Since the earth is still remaining, whatever a man sows, he will reap. When the bed is defiled, the seed is sown and you can be sure that it will produce and when harvest time comes, it will manifest.

However, some born again singles actually begin their courtship quite well in the spirit, but later fall short by engaging themselves in the works of the flesh. All categories of uncleanness are referred to as the works of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-21). Since courtship is not marriage, you have no marital rights over the other person until marriage is consummated.

Moreover, wild emotions or impure emotions can lead to the defilement of the marriage bed in courtship, but when you are spiritually, emotionally and physically mature for marriage, you will be able to control various aspects of your life and be in control of your emotions.

To the redeemed of the Lord, abundant grace is released to keep the marriage bed undefiled during courtship. If you are not yet redeemed, and would like to partake of this grace, then say this prayer of faith: “Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I come to You today. I am a sinner. Forgive me my sins and cleanse me with Your Blood.Deliver me from sin and satan to serve the living God. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Make me a child of God today. Thank You for accepting me into Your Kingdom.”

If you prayed this simple prayer of faith with me, congratulations, you are born again! You are now a child of God. He loves you and will never leave you. Read your Bible daily, obey God’s Word and seek Christian fellowship (John 14:21).

With this, you are guaranteed all-round rest and peace in Jesus’ Name! Call or write to share your testimonies with me through, 07026385437 OR 08141320204.

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