Dominion Publishing House

This is Dr. Oyedepo’s summary of the reason for the Publishing Ministry of David Oyedepo Ministry International:

“We are not publishing for money, we are publishing to make men stop mourning!

We owe the people education, and this is what we are doing with the word of faith in prints… it is a ministry of illumination by literature.”

On December 5, 1992, Dominion Publishing House was formally commissioned at the National Arts Theatre in Lagos by Pastor Dr. E.A. Adeboye. At that commissioning, six new books by Dr.David Oyedepo were dedicated:

  • Anointing For Breakthrough
  • Towards Excellence In Life and Ministry
  • Releasing The Supernatural
  • Understanding Vision
  • Excellency Of Wisdom
  • Covenant Wealth.

In an address given by Dr. Oyedepo at the commissioning, he said:

“The vision of the Dominion House literature crusade is premised on the well-established fact that knowledge, which is a product of learning, is a key factor in the liberation of man. The degree of truth you know, determines your degree of freedom…

It is the vision of Dominion House to produce and flood the market with quality books that would be within the reach of the average reader…”.

Also speaking on the advantages of the printed word, he said:

“… the printed word enhances personal ministry, extends personal ministry, refines personal ministry and perpetuates personal ministry. Books tracts and newsletters will go into places a person would not be able to reach. In the words of T.L. Osborn, the printed word can “penetrate crowded cities and reach sparsely settled country sides. It can tell its story in the home or shop, in the factory or in the field. It knows no fear and flinches in the face of no man. It never tires but works 24 hours a day, even while we sleep. It is never discouraged, but tells it’s story ever and over again it will deliver the same message to the rich and poor, king and commanders. It speaks without a foreign accent. It will witness and influence long after the author is dead”

I am a product of books and I can boldly and confidently say that books are indispensable to the total development of man. Following the dedication of those six books in December 1992, was the publishing of five mini books authored by Pastor (Mrs) Faith A.Oyedepo. they are:

  • The Dignity Of The Believer
  • Stirring Up The Grace Of God
  • Nurturing The Incorruptible Seed
  • Service The Master Key
  • A Living Witness.

Also published in 1993, was the first book written by Bishop David .O. Abioye : Stewardship: The Pathway To Honour.

In 1994, another book by Pastor Faith Oyedepo was published-Communion Table. Also published the same year was Church Planting by David Abioye, It was in the same 1994 that Dr. Oyedepo’s book, Overcoming Forces Of Wickedness, was published.

In 1995, DPH began to experience what could be rightly described as a revival, as books by Dr. David Oyedepo, especially, and various other publications, began to roll out of the press in quick successions. Also, the quality of production was greatly improved, more sophisticated machines worth millions of naira were added to the press, four  new Regional Offices were opened in the country; more sophisticated computers were added including a colour processing machine ordered from U.S.A. and latest of them all is a machine that can print four colours at the same time!.

It’s been a revival indeed! The speed of happenings, expansions, publications fame and impact, have been breath-taking!

The DPH truck that drives through the roads in the various states of Nigeria (as imposingly as can be imagined) distributing Dominion Books, was also added to DPH in 1994. So also was a Mercedes Benz bus, which greatly enhanced a powerful “book-pushing” that saw the penetration of Dominion Books into almost every bookshop in the country and in many churches-both orthodox and Pentecostal.

In 1995, fifteen books were published! These was apart from other publications that kept rolling out of the press-the weekly Signs and Wonders Today bulletin  the 12th Anniversary magazine, and there was also the Dominion Tracts were massively produced in their thousands and used as evangelism materials.

The sum total of all the Dominion Books from 1988 till date are over 65. About 58 of them are by Dr. David Oyedepo.

In addition to these are; Wonders of The Ages (DOMI’s encyclopaedia of miracles from the dynamic ministries of Dr. David Oyedepo); thirteen different titles of Wisdom Diary (inspiration sayings of Dr. David Oyedepo on different subjects). Recently, seven different titles of Bible Sense series were released at-a-go-from DPH.

There are also three different editions of the magazine Ministers’ Digest (which carried reports of the various editions of Dr Oyedepo’s School Of Ministry.)

Also published for outreach materials were different editions of Winners’ Hotline (featuring testimonies of healings, financial breakthroughs, mad people cured, etc): Healings at Winners’ Chapel, Family Restoration at Winners’ Chapel, etc tractlike publications also used for outreach.

DPH also publishes countless materials for the ministry administrative use.

For a long time now, DPH press has been on a 24-hour operation. The staff capacity has also increased, beefed-up by daily-paid hands that help out with putting the pages of the books together for binding.

And glory to God, DPH now has its own very “Rehoboth” in Canaan Land.

Dr. Oyedepo confidently says:

“Every aspect of this commission has its own role. I believe Dominion Publishing House has dramatically played it’s own role successfully. It has given more people outside our immediate community access to what we teach. Dominion Publishing House I believe, has been successful in its mission”


“Making rounds… transforming lives!”

It will not be an exaggeration at all to say of David Oyedepo’s books, that they are loaded with words that demonstrate the power of the Spirit, words that are able to press down hard on the conscience and produce repentance, words that literally grip the heart…!

Lee Grady, in his little book, War Of The Words, lamented:

“The very shallowness and impotence of most Christian writing we see today, is the very reason why such shallowness and impotence is in the Church in the first place!”

Then we must really thank God for the likes of Dominion books, making rounds all over the world and producing a new breed of lion-hearted, devil-daring Christians.

One young man said,

“We have been taught to depend on the spirit and the spirit alone. There was this idea that anytime you used your mind, you were depending on the flesh. And so I learnt to demobilize my mind because my mind.was very active-I took time to learn to demobilize my mind so I could fit in-I got born again in one of the very conservative churches,. So the kind of Christians I used to hang out with, I think the best they knew was warfare… so we were just dumb Christians moving like cows-this way and that way.

Again there was this idea of what they call “mystery”, you know, when somebody can’t explain something, he calls it “mystery”. You’re looking and you’re not seeing anything, just mystery ! mystery ! mystery !… And then I got Bishop .Oyedepo books…”

It was very, very prevalent, and so there were a lot of “mysteries”. So everybody was just clothed in darkness.

This other testimony is just as fascinating:

“Before the end of last year 1994, I noticed that one of my son’s testes was swollen.  I called my wife to see it.  Immediately, we went to the clinic.  The doctor’s verdict was that it will have to be corrected by surgery.  My heart almost failed, because I had thought it was something like an infection.  We found out that such surgery was going to cost us about 20,000 naira.

When we got home, my wife told me that if we agree to that surgery, it will be the greatest mistake we will ever make.  She suggested that we look unto God to perform the healing.  I believed her and agreed with her.  We prayed and laid hands on him and continued to confess our healing covenant with God.  Yet, there was no change, rather the swelling increased.

It was then that the Lord spoke to me to go and look for a book on divine healing.  So I went to a Christian bookshop.  To the glory of God, I came across this book: Keys To Divine Health, written by Dr. David Oyedepo.  I told myself I wasn’t going anywhere, ‘I’m taking two days off to read this book.’

The first day I read it, and read it again.  The second day, I told God that all I needed was just one key, to deal with the situation.  To the glory of God, the Lord led me to pages 23-26.  I sat down and read them, and I discovered that my problem was Satan, the tormentor.  Satan was tormenting my son.

So I called in my son, I told him to lie down.  Then I said: ‘Satan, I command you, come-on appear before me right now!’  Then I asked him: ‘when this body was created in 1991, were you part of the creation?’  He said ‘no’.  Then I asked him: ‘when this body was created, was it created in your own image?’  He answered that it was created in the image of God.  Then I further asked him: ‘was it created with this sickness?’  He said no!

So I commanded him ‘Satan, now take your things and get out of this house, in Jesus name!’  Then I turned to the condition (the swollen testes), I said: ‘look I have dealt with your commander-in-chief.  Now, I curse you wherever your root is located, wither from your root and die!’

Within one week, that was the end of it!  Praise the LIVING GOD!!”

Much more, David Oyedepo’s books have this irresistible power to arrest the conscience of their readers. They are books that have a definite kind of not only life transforming, but also nation-changing power.

“When I came to the Seminar last month and heard the man of God say that God can turn our lives around if we are to read the book Breaking Financial Hardship by Bishop Oyedepo, I took it as a challenge.  Even though I have little understanding of English yet, I believe the Holy Spirit will teach me the truth in the book, so I read the book in the Holy Ghost (so to say).  And suddenly things began to happen in my life!

For almost three years I had been trying to sell some caterpillar parts I brought from France but could not get buyers and they were becoming rusty.  But I was reading this book, I got to page 109, where the Bishop was talking about “Compromising  Your Integrity” and I began to receive fast understanding of my problem in selling this parts.  Not only this.  I got to page 112, and the Bishop said, “Right dealings do not reduce men’s height, it promotes and sustains it”, referring to Luke 16:10-11.  I could not go any further, I was grounded in these truth and immediately I realised my past dirty dealings in business.  I went on my knees and ask God to forgive me and vowed to avoid ungodly dealings in my business.

Few days later, I received a call from one of my friends who told me that he had seen a man looking for caterpillar parts.  I supplied these parts and even made double gain on it!  God is indeed faithful!   I  give Him all the praise and glory for the inspiration given to the Bishop in writing this book”

– Kouda Moussa (Burkina Faso)

One of the missionary pastors, Pastor Coker said concerning Dominion books out there on the foreign fields:

“To a very large extent Dominion books have been tools for crusading the gospel of Liberation. Most of the time, we discover that in some of the countries, even before you start speaking the language, the book speaks for you!(The books were used to introduce the ministry and the gospel of Liberation which we preach-because the same anointing that backs up the spoken message of God’s servant, is also the same one reflective in  the pages of those anointed books.

So, sometimes (which was quite often) we discover that some of the people, even before they met with the missionaries physically, they have had encounters through our books. This now made them to start looking for the missionaries (the book had addresses stamped on them, through which the missionaries could be traced. And for those who had gone through our Bible School, the books were secondary sources through which they could consult, fortify themselves, and be more edified.

The books were also like a companion and open the scriptures better and with greater understanding.”

The Bible declares that Christian philosophy will ultimately rule the world (Isaiah 11:9) Yes! This conquest is fast becoming a reality, with that “philosophy” being uncompromisingly expanded in power-packed written words such as are found in Dominion books.

These books are fast providing materials strong enough to contact the effects of all manner of literature in circulation, corrupting the youth and searing men’s consciences everywhere. Christian literature such as the likes of Dominion books, are beginning to command a profound effect on the minds of Christians everywhere.

There are many places David Oyedepo has never  been to, and may never go to till Jesus comes, but his books are making terrific entrances beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. This in effect is powerfully extending David Oyedepo Ministry and unction in the dimension of “The uttermost part of the earth” impact. It’s simply supernatural.

Sometime ago at the dedication of Archbishop Benson Idahosa’s biography’ “A Pencil in Gods’ Hand”- Bishop Oyedepo was saying:

“Christian books are God ordained. They are one of the most impactful avenues used in preaching the gospel. I believe the more value we have for books, the better Christians we will become.

Every work of the ministry requires books, if ministry is to be completely authenticated as it should be. The book ministry is of God, and it is time to begin to embrace the values and virtues that are inherent In it.

We will be limited in every phase of our Christian endeavour if we don’t have value for books”

A Great “Army”!

I once had a vivid vision of Dominion books “marching” out of the DPH press in the likeness of the spirit and power of the awesome end-time army described in Joel 2-

“… a great people and a strong, there hath not been ever the like… The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses; and as horsemen, so shall they run … as strong people…”

that was how I saw the books rolling out of Dominion Publishing House press. It was awesome!.

I saw each book that leaves the press as a David Oyedepo, going forth-in the unction that David Oyedepo carries-to do great and amazing exploits!

And really, we’ve had testimonies of book encounters in this ministry, that testify to the veracity of this vision. We have seen.

David Oyedepo’s spirit of faith and unction transferred and reproduced in many everywhere-young and old alike-students in campuses, young ministers Pastoring their own churches, even businessmen and women!

Dr. Oyedepo says:

“I can’t tell how many men have walked gallantly, majestically out of poverty and all manner of oppressions of the devil, through those anointed materials!”

I met an elderly man (a chief). He got the book Keys To Divine Health in 1989, on his sick bed. And according to his testimony in the letter he wrote to me, he said, ‘On page 20, I found something-that out satan is no gentleman.

Immediately, a force came on my inside, and I said “This can’t continue!” and I walked my way out of the sick bed, free from that day on sickness, from page 20 of that book…’”

It’s simply supernatural! I mean the power of literature. It’s awesome shaping and moulding the minds of men to think and act like Christ.

Dominion Books Abroad

Dominion books and other DPH publications, are rapidly gaining international readership-what with the mystery of the Internet too!

“From lots of information that we receive, testimonies from people, the effect of Dominion books abroad is as strong as the effect at home. For instance, a very good friend of mine, apostle Eckarat-I picked one of his tapes on the POWER Of The Anointing Oil, and it was a delight to see him quoting profusely, reading directly from our book “Anointing For Breakthrough” He got the book from Tanzania, and it’s now affecting people in America!

I believe the books are just moving around, blessing the world all together”.


In 1996, Dominion Publishing House won an ECOWAS Gold Award for the most penetrated Christian literature-unsolicited for!

Dogging the steps of that flattering award, came another ECOWAS Gold Award for Dr. David Oyedepo, as the frontline Author of the year!.

As if that was not enough, in March 1998, David Oyedepo received an unexpected letter notifying him of his enlistment into the book of the who is who of the intelligent people.

This is believed, is not unconnected to the spreading impact of his books. Books, loaded with power pregnant words, that are turning men’s thoughts towards Christian excellence and dominion; dealing a deadly blow to the spirit of mediocrity and indolence, that had hitherto held an iron grip over the destinies of Christians especially in Africa! The crippling culture of what – will-be-will- be, of laziness and lackadaisical attitude to life and work, is fast giving way to an evolving culture of vibrant mental activity and diligence to match.

Talk about “book-weapons”! David Oyedepo’s consuming vision of a golden Church (a reigning, ruling church, in absolute control of the spiritual, political and economic atmosphere of all nations) is constantly heralded and expanded in all his books. There is an urgency about the message they carry, trumpeting the reality of a life of dignity and honour, as the heritage of every child of God.

This apostle of faith’s books expound and promote his faith in redemption. He said in his book :

“The Winning Wisdom,”

“Among the benefits loaded in redemption is an excellent mind. There is an invasion of dignity into your mental region, which gives you a superior mentality… This is mental dignity… you now therefore carry divinity in your mentality… inside your mind is the creator’s capacity.” It is in the light of this revelation that he declares, “Salvation is superior to education!” That may not sound too palatable for the intellectuals and scientific minds of our days. But I tell you, the man knows what he’s talking about. His life is a sure proof of it.

One of the Pastor’s said,

“There are many things it is difficult to understand about him. Sometimes I wonder who taught him a lot of the things he exhibits. Apparently he didn’t learn them in school, he didn’t learn them in practice… he has a firm grip of all areas, even the most minute areas unknown to people… infact by the time you speak with him, you will be surprised at the extent to which he knows-you will be surprised that he knows you even at home…!”

Now, Winner’s everywhere, through an imbibed culture of reading, are noticeably divorced from a lifestyle of aimless, purposeless attitude that is prevalent among Africans hitherto. Those who are not privileged to sit under the voice of Dr. Oyedepo, have however the privilege of a life-like close fellowship with him in his books. Many have testified that when one reads his books, it’s like you’re in a face-to-face pulpit encounter with him.

Recently, a brother testified that in the midst of a dilemma, he picked up the book “Understanding The Power Of Praise, and he came to a place where Dr. Oyedepo asked, “have you praised Him?” And unconsciously, as though he was in a face-to-face life encounter with the Bishop, the young man replied, “Oh Papa, its true, I’ve not praised Him!”

Right there and then, he dropped the book and entered into a violent session of praise. Miraculously after that, the University admission he had long waited and lobbied everywhere for, came through!.

Dominion books! Books that emit such life-changing power with instant results following. Do they have anything to do with the who is who award?

Dr. Oyedepo says:

“Well I think that it should have a part, because for anybody to call you “intelligent”, he must have heard you say something. And because not many people come to where you are, they must have heard what you have to say from some other source. So I feel that whosoever was involved in the award, must have, taken cognisance of the few contributions we have made, which I think, cannot be completely dissociated from the materials we produce-particularly the books”


In 1997, DPH released the first two books of the ministry to be translated into French. They are “Le Myste’re de L’huile D’ ouction” and “Le Triomphe Du Sang” since then, the following DPH Titles are now available in french:

1.       La Loi de la Foi

2.       Les clef Pour La Prie’re Exaucee

3.       Surmonter Les Forces De la Me’chucete’

4.       La semence Du Miracle

5.       La Richess De L’Allance

6.       Conque’rir Les Forces De Controle

7.       Ne’ Pour Vaincre

8.       Les Boutons De Succe’s

9.       Les Clefs Pour La Protection Divine

10.     Mettez Vos Anges A L’ Oeuvre

11.     Les Clefs Pour La Sante’ Divine

Moving On…

“I see DPH just firing on. I see it firing on with life! Because what the Lord said to me is that “The word I’ve put in Your month, the same commit into writing and I’ll cause the effect upon the spoken word to rest upon the written word, bringing about the same effect.’

That is, the same unction that is upon the spoken word, resting upon the written word, bringing about same effect.

So, as long as the spoken word is still effectual, the written word will carry on. So I can’t imagine the books being out of the scene at all.”

Well, that powerful, confident foretelling from its Chairman just about sums up our focus on Dominion Publishing House- Africa’s prestigious Publishing House!

“I see Dominion Publishing House particularly servicing the literature needs of the African Continent and reaching out to bless the other nations-as the doors open from time to time.”

That sounds like an echo from one of the “Power House” meetings of 1982, where “Brother” David said with his even-now-more-intensified power of foresight:

“The press will operate at an industrial scale-first to Christian organisations, and then to the public at large…”

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